Your Friends Should Meet My Friends

Connecting Has Never Been Easier

With Necter, you and your friends have the ability to connect with other groups who have similar interests. Connecting is as simple as swiping right.

Built In Chat Among Groups

Necter provides the ability to communicate within your group and your connected groups. Chat among your group and other groups without having to leave the app.


Easy To Create Groups

Creating a group is easy by integrating and using your Facebook friends. Just select who you want to be in your group and send an invite. You can also invite other friends using in-app links to Google Play or the App Store. All your favorite Facebook photos are available to use in Necter, or you can take your own photos using your smart phone’s camera.

Connect With Others

Once connected with your friends, you can browse for other groups near you. Select the type of group you’d like to meet and start browsing. Pass on groups or connect to groups you are interested in meeting. View individual profiles and make decisions based on similar interests.

Chat Amongst Yourselves

Once connected to other groups, use the in-app chat features to make plans, meet up later, or get to know your new friends a little more. The chat feature allows everyone to participate in the conversation and join the whole group experience.